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There are a lot of expatriates in the kingdom who are currently without their families, but would like to bring them on a visit visa. This post is meant to guide those.

The most important factor which decides whether you can bring your family or not, is the profession mentioned in your iqama or residence permit. Note that this may not be your actual job title. For example, it is quite common for an engineer to be hired on a labor visa.This has already been covered here earlier. But for all government transactions, it is the profession mentioned in your iqama which matters, not your job title Unfortunately, you are eligible to bring your family only for certain types of visas (like engineer, doctor, technician, etc) If your have arrived on a labor visa, you have absolutely no chance of bringing your family, and it is better to get the profession changed to some other category - this is not an easy task though.

Coming back to the visit visa procedure for bringing your family into the kingdom, I would like to clarify at the outset that the procedure itself is quite simple. The only difficult part is the profession mentioned in your iqama, as already mentioned above.

Before you proceed to fill in the online form, you must have with you the following documents ready.

1. Your original iqama (keep a copy with yourself for records)

2. Your passport photocopy

3. Introduction letter in Arabic from your employer giving details about your salary

4. Passport copy of the visiting member (parents / children / in-laws) (Note that a separate application has to be made for each individual family member whom you are going to sponsor)

For sponsoring your in-laws, the following additional documents are required

Certificate from a hospital in case your wife needs support for any reason, e g., pregnancy
* Wife's passport copy - this is to prove the relationship between your wife and her father / mother
* Copy of your Marriage Certificate, translated in Arabic and attested by the Saudi consulate / embassy in your home country

Once you are ready with all of the above, proceed to the next step as below. Have a person who can read Arabic next to you. Then click on this link The name of your family member AND the name of the sponsor (i.e., YOU) should be filled ONLY in English. All the remaining data are to be filled in Arabic. Remember, YOU are the sponsor for your family, and NOT your employer. In case more than one family member is visiting you and are coming by the same flight, enter their names in the same form, otherwise use separate forms.

In the column asking for the number of days of visa required, type "90". If you are lucky, you will get a 3-month visit visa, otherwise it will be only a 1-month visa. There is no hard and fast rule. Everything depends on the mood of the officer who decides the visa validity. However, you can always renew the visit visa twice, and each extension is for one month only. In the column asking for the purpose of the visit, type as "family visit" in Arabic.

Once you fill in this form and submit, you will get an acknowledgment number on the screen. Print two copies of this. Keep one copy with yourself as a reference. You will be needing this soon. Take a printout of your filled-in application form, sign it in the place mentioned in the bottom along with the date. Don't forget to take the signature and stamp of your company sponsor. Once this is done, attach this along with the remaining documents mentioned above and submit it to your nearest Ministry of Foreign Affairs office (not to be confused with the passport office (Jawasat, as it is known locally). Renewal can be done in the Jawasat, but for the first time, you must submit it in the MOFA office.

Most important point: You must submit the above documents within 3 working days of filling in the on-line form, or else all your effort is a waste. Remember, Thursdays and Fridays are weekly offs for Government departments in the kingdom, so keep this in mind before filling in the form

Wait for about a week and the visit the above mentioned link once again. Type in your iqama number and the acknowledgment number which is mentioned in the printout you took earlier. If you get the same page after hitting the 'Enter' button on your keyboard, it means that your visa is still under processing. Otherwise, you should get a so-called 'Yellow slip'. Take two 'COLOR' printouts of this, and keep one for your reference, and note down the URL address.

You have now crossed half the journey. The next step is to send the following documents to your home country

The 'Yellow slip' color printout mentioned above
Copy of your Iqama
Copy of your passport (remember, you are the sponsor)
Copy of your marriage certificate (required only when you plan to bring your in-laws to prove the relationship between your wife and her parent(s) - this is to ensure that the visitor is really your in-law
Printout of your last 3 months' bank statement
A letter in English addressed to the Saudi Embassy / Consulate of your home country stating that you will be present to receive your guest
Introduction letter in Arabic from your employer giving details about your salary

Send all of the above by courier to your home country. Along with the above documents, the following should be attached by your family member and submitted to the Saudi Embassy / Consulate in your home country:

Original passport of each family member who plans to visit
Passport copy of your wife (incase your in-laws are visiting - this is to prove that the visitor is indeed your in-law)

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i got more then 30 e-mail to ask for some Saudi Arabian ministry contact numbers, so today me collect those numbers and post them here for you

i hope this will be useful for you

1= Ministry of Transport

2= Ministry of Civil Service

3= Ministry of Justice

4= Ministry of Education

5= Ministry of Higher Education

6= Ministry of Health

7= Ministry of Foreign Affairs

8= Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs

9= Ministry of Labor

10= Saudi Press Agency (SPA)

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Child birth in Saudi Arabia-2

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Those of you who have missed the earlier post on this topic can click here to read the same.
Life is not easy for expatriates working in Saudi Arabia. The paper work starts the moment a child is born! Fortunately, the vaccination for the child is not part of the paperwork, unlike for children born in your home country and brought into the kingdom. The All-Important document is, of course, the child's birth certificate. To be precise, there are two versions of birth certificates - one in Arabic for local use, and one in English which is going to be with you lifelong even in your home country.
Now for the brass-tacks. It is the responsibility of every hospital in Saudi Arabia to issue a document called "Birth notification". This is issued either immediately after birth of the baby or definitely before the mother is discharged from the hospital. The first thing to be done is get the original passports of both the father and the mother translated into Arabic. I would strongly advise you to take the services of a professional agent for this. They know their job and will do quite a good one out of this. To this translation, you have to attach the photocopies of your original passports , your iqama and of course, the birth notification issued by the hospital.
Next, you will have to go to the Ministry of Interior in your town or the office of MOI nearest to your town and get the relevant birth certificate application form from their office. Everything will be in Arabic in this form, so it will be best to bring the blank form from the Ministry and give it to the agent who did your translation. Usually these agents do have a photocopy of this form, this is just in case your agent does not have one of these. Get the form filled in properly and attach photographs where required.
This whole set must be submitted to the Ministry of Interior. Again, get the agent to do this work for you. Believe me, it would save you a lot of trouble rather going and trying to do it yourself.
In a few days, you would have got a birth certificate issued by the Ministry. Everything would be in Arabic in this certificate. Note that this certificate is of no use in your home country, so the paper work hasn't finished yet!
You will have to get this re-translated back into English. Again, the agent is your savior! Next, take a digital photograph of your baby while he or she is awake. The reason why I insist on a digital photo is that when you give it to a studio, they will accordingly change the background, size, etc., of the baby's photograph and will give it to you in a format required by your embassy.
Now, you will have to attach your original passport of the mother, photocopy of your iqama, photocopy of the Arabic birth certificate along with photographs of the baby. Fill in the relevant form of your country's embassy and give the whole set to your agent. You should be getting a new passport for your baby plus a document having a fancy name called "Certificate of Entry of Birth" by your embassy. This is nothing but the birth certificate issued by your embassy which you will have to retain throughout your life!

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Child birth in ksa 1

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My earlier post on death case formalities (click here to read it) evoked such a huge emotional response from the expatriates working in Saudi Arabia, that the logical corollary is a post on - what else - child birth formalities in the kingdom. The subject is quite extensive, so I decided to write it in two or more parts. This is the first part of the series and depending upon your support, I may continue to write more on the subject or just stop.

The first and foremost thing to remember if you are planning to have your child's delivery in Saudi Arabia, is that you must definitely have an insurance. Medical care in the kingdom is extremely expensive and without an insurance, you are really doomed. But before this, you must ask yourself a fundamental question:Do you really want to have the delivery in Saudi or not ,

Answering this question is quite difficult and you must most certainly consider all the pros and cons before making this all-important decision. Most bigger cities in Saudi Arabia have hospitals with good facilities. Most of the medicines are imported and all of them carry a mandatory pamphlet mentioning the dosage, indications, contra indications, precautions and side effects. All the medicines in the kingdom are strictly monitored by the Ministry of Health. Some of the best equipments which money can buy, are available in the hospitals. Hospitals are quite clean and patient care by the nurses is also good.

Now for the downside. Until a few years back, delivery for expatriate mothers was free of cost in Government hospitals. However, the rule has changed in recent years with health insurance becoming mandatory. Do note, however, that there are several insurance companies operating in the kingdom. The coverage of each company depends completely on the premium paid by the sponsor. As an example, treatment and child birth in a five-star hospital like Saad hospital in Al Khobar, is not covered by most of the standard insurance companies. Hence, you must be absolutely sure whether maternity treatment is covered by your insurance policy or not.

Next, the sensitive issue about the quality of doctors. Opinion is divided on this. There are excellent doctors, good doctors and not-so-good ones in all the hospitals. It goes without saying that a good gynecologist is paramount to having a safe delivery. After all, nothing is more important to an individual than personal health and safety. I have seen some really excellent doctors in a few hospitals. I have also seen some doctors who are just terrible! To give a fair assessment, it is impossible to generalize all the doctors or hospitals as either good or bad. The best way is to ask fellow expatriates their experiences about a particular hospital or doctor and then take a decision accordingly.

Child birth and maternity care in Saudi Arabia does not simply stop at the hospital. It has to continue beyond delivery. I have seen fellow-expatriates looking desperately for some domestic help for their wives for a few months after delivery.Of particular concern are those mothers who have undergone caesarian surgeries. Most companies in the kingdom give only upto 3 days leave for the husbands to take care of their wives. If there is no one else to take care of the wife and the new-born, the couple are really in for some trouble. Usually, expatriate husbands prefer to bring their mothers-in-law for assisting their respective wives, but it is not always practically possible to do so. Domestic nurses are in extremely high demand and being a rarity, they charge quite heavily when available.

So how does one decide whether to have the delivery in the kingdom or not? Again, it is quite a difficult decision and has to be made after analyzing the various options, pros and cons, and is purely a personal decision. My own opinion on this is that, if possible try to have the delivery in your own home country. This would save a lot of trouble for both the husband as well as the wife, particularly after the delivery. After all, no place is as good as home! Of course, deliveries for expatriate mothers do happen in the kingdom. There are quite some formalities and paperwork dealing with child birth for expatriates in Saudi Arabia More on this in future posts.

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Vacation entitlements

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I have been repeatedly mentioning in this blog about the importance of reading and understanding your contract before planning to work in Saudi Arabia. Your contract IS the final document which would stand by you in case of a dispute between you and your employer.

I would now like to mention something about your entitlements for annual vacation. There are a few contracting companies in Saudi Arabia, which take the expatriates' ignorance of law as granted. Not all of them are this way, but as in any place, there are bad apples in every basket.

Specifically talking about your vacation entitlements, you must know that you are entitled for an annual vacation of minimum of 21 days each year for the first five years. Some of the contracting companies allow the employees to go on vacation only once in 2 years. But this does not relieve them of their obligation towards the law. If you are planning to sign such a contract, ensure that your entitlement is a minimum of 21 days each year.

If you continue to stay in this company for more than 5 years, your entitlement becomes 30 days for each year, from the 6th year onwards. An interesting thing to note here is that, even if your employer has forced you to sign a contract of 21 days vacation after the first 5 years, the law clearly states that your entitlement is 30 days, so this will supersede what you have signed in your contract. In other words, when you go on final exit from the kingdom, your employer is supposed to pay you for the remaining 9 days per year for each year of service after the first 5 years.

Working in Saudi Arabia is a challenge as well as a rewarding experience, but you must know your rights and obligations clearly before signing any contract.

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