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Looks like some diseases are highly infectious. No, I am not talking of those which strike the human body. This disease is called 'labor-phobia'. Expatriates working in Saudi Arabia have long been used to being 'classified' based on their visa professions. Never mind that you might be the General Manager of a company, but if your iqama says that your profession is "labor", then all hell breaks loose. To begin with, you can't sponsor your family. Since you cant bring your family, you are forced to stay single. Which means that you would be treated differently the moment you step out of your home.

Let's say it's weekend and you want to go to the nearby mall. Nothing wrong in this, isn't it? You got it all wrong, my friend. You are single, without your family and hence would not be allowed into the mall. It doesn't matter that you are going to pay the same as a "family man" would, for whatever you planned to buy. No family, no admission. But why? Don't ask questions, this is the way of life. Okay, how about a walk along the corniche? No, you got it wrong again. You are supposed to restrict yourself only to the "singles" section. You aren't supposed to enter the "family" zone. Fine, now how about a visit to your dentist or the nearby dispensary? Nope! Same story again. You better not go and sit in the "family" section unless you want to be kicked out by the Security. Goodness Gracious! But this is life in Saudi Arabia and there is nothing which you and I can do about it, right?

Until now Bahrain was an outlet for those who wanted to take a break. All you needed was just an exit/re-entry visa. You just had to pay SR20 for crossing over the causeway, and you were given an entry on the Bahraini side. After all, it makes economic sense. Every visitor coming from the kingdom spends money in Bahrain and it helps the economy, right?

Well, looks like some wise guy couldn't take it anymore. All of a sudden since last week, people who were in Saudi "labor" visas couldn't enter Bahrain. And in typical Gulf style, it happened without any notice. Never mind if you had a valid Saudi exit/reentry visa. Now who on earth took this decision and why was it made? No answers. So, what exactly is a "labor" visa according to Bahraini immigration? Well, loosely translated, anything which is not an "engineer" or a "doctor" or any "supervisory" visa is a labor visa. Never mind your actual profession. If your iqama says so, that's it!

Okay, but how does it matter? After all, you do not get a discount in any hotel in Bahrain just because you are on a Saudi "labor" visa? You pay the same as what other non-labor Saudi visa holders do. And whatever is the logic behind this move? The grapvine is that there is a "suspicion" that people from Saudi come in the morning, work in Bahrain and return in the evening. What could be farther from truth and what else could be more illogical than this? But if you talk logic, you cannot survive in this region.

Sadly, it is going to affect the Bahraini economy more than anyone else. Why this retrograde step? Every expat has come here to make some money while at the same time contribute to the region's economy. Afterall, he or she has been hired to do a specific work isn't it? Hope good sense prevails. Let's hope that the entire region frees itself from the impractical and illogical branding of people based on their visa professions.

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Question Related to Family

  1. 1 i am working in KSA and i have a valid IQAMA, can i bring my grand father on visit visa ?
  2. 2 If a person is on a technician visa, does he have to produce his diploma at the time of applying for permanent family visa. ?What if the diploma/degree does not match the profession (assuming supervisory)mentioned on the Iqama. Does it matter?
  3. 3 Is my wife eligible for bringing me to KSA, under family visa ?" If not, What will be the ideal visa for me to proceed ?
  4. 4 I have a family visa.My wife is now in India with an exit and re-entry visa. We are expecting a new born baby in India soon. If I want to bring the baby within 2-3 months of birth,is there any requirement of separate visa or we can bring without the visa and after reaching hear we can add him to the existing Ikama?
  5. 5 I am working in Jeddah, when i want to renew my driving licence there is problem with the name of Iqama, before was no any problem. How i know that my name is not same in Jawazat office ? May i check through Internet ?
  6. 6 How can I bring a servant from India?
  7. 7 What Saudi labour is doing if they found any unauthorised degree,I mean, what is action is to be taken according to labour law of Saudia Arabia, If person found a false attestation or the documents. ? Read More

Question Related To Visa

  1. 1 if i leave my job. is there any change that i was chaged for my visa fee and other expenxcess?
  2. 2 My trade in visa is "kaarbaayi aam" actually i dont know what is this kaarbaayi aam ?can i bring my wife and childeran to here either permanently or on visit visa,is it possible??
  3. 3 I would like to initiate for my wife visa. I am working as an IT Manager and my profession mentioned is Computer Programmer. I want to know the cost for my wife's visa and who would pay that amount ?
  4. 4 My profession in iqama is programmer, and have family visa. My wife delivered in India, and the kid is 5 months now. Is it possible to bring him without visa? Read More

Out Of line Questions

  1. 1 I heard about a "free visa" concept. What does it really mean? My wife works in saudi, some of her co-workers told her that they brought their spouses on "Free visa?What is the difference between the so called "Free visa" and other visas like, "visit visa".
  2. 2 I am offered a job working for an American Company but will be based on client sites, would that pose any problems?
  3. 3 I've have the choice of choosing between an AC Technician visa or a Decor Technician visa, however I'm a Pakistani with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the US. My degree is attested. Can my degree be utilized for this type of technical visa when I want to get the permanent residency visa issued for my family? Read More

Professional Questions's

  1. 1 I am a General practitioner working in Nejran region since 3 years.I want to know about the possibility of transfer to a another city where schools are there & if possible, how can I proceed.?
  2. 2 My Iqama professional is General Electician so can i bring my family by Family resident visa?
  3. 3 My profession in iqama is "TRANSLATOR" and I am holding a bachelor of arts in English Literature attested by saudi consulate. Can I bring my family?
  4. 4 The issue is that the profession on degree does not match to that of iqama (degree is engineering and iqama is technician). My question is only regarding when I go to SA and apply for family visa. Would there be a problem ? ?
  5. 5 My profession on my Iqama is FANNI KAHARBAI is I am elegible to bring my family here either permanently or on visit visa ?
  6. 6 What i do for change my profession. in iqama
  7. 7 Mason or malaeyas can bring famly in Ksa ?
  8. 8 My employer and agent told me that they will change my profession later and "mechanical drughtman" can bring family or by my degree certificate am I eligible to bring my family as per commitment by my employer?
  9. 9 At present my profession is plumber and now I would like to change my profession to computer engineer, since the attestation get so old will the Jawazat office will accept these documents or should I need to re-attest these documents.Can I sponsor my mother after If I change my profession …?
  10. 10 I have a three years of diploma in computer science which is attested by the Saudi sansulate of my home country and re-attested by the forign affair of KSA Dammam.Will it enough to change my profession to computer technician.? Read More.....

Some More Questions

  2. 2 My friends want to bring his family on this profession "AMIL MAYMARI"...can you please let me know about that can he or not?
  3. 3 My Visa is auto Electrician Am i allow to bring family in KSA?
  4. 4 Manzil karbai , which i found out to be building electrician . is transferable =?
  5. 5 "kaharbe mabanee" and on iqama it is "kaharbae" can bring family ?
  6. 6 Can i bring family with "operator " job title?
  7. 7 I was given a laborer visa. I have completed a 3 year Automotive Technician diploma. Will i be eligible to bring my family on a permanent residence visa here in KSA should i change my profession based on my qualification? ?
  8. 8 I want to know the minimun period of time after which I can come to KSA on another visa after getting NOC from the earlier sponsor(MOH)? Read More....

Exit Reentry Questions

  1. 1 I am on direct sponsorship of the school as you mentioned. I hope to sign a new contract with another school soon, so I don't mind paying for my ticket home but I just want to leave this school without any trouble. Contractually I can leave, but I can't guarantee they will give me the NOC. If they refuse, I've heard the old trick of leaving the passport in the washing machine and getting a new one, clean of any previous visa.
  2. 2 My question is about NOC. Is there a validity period for NOC from the date of issue? I am planning to go on exit and come back on another visa in about 6 months. Since the new visa will take some time, should I take my NOC now or only when the visa is avalable?
  3. 3 Is it possible to reenter on a "visit visa" and work with a new company within the first year? I know some people who work here on a visit visa since their company doesn't sponsor people. Would it be illegal for me to work on a visit visa if i don't obtain a NOC? Read More....
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